Project Description

Portfolio All Shape Up Devices 01

Fitness & Healthy Living Website

AllShapeUp was a new company when they approached me to build a website to sit in front of their new fitness video and healthy living platform (created by my developer friends at Logibase, whom I often collaborate with on projects). Initially the colour schemes and visuals to the site were more generic and neutral but following some market research we adjusted more towards female audiences. Here is an example of a website design that starts out one way but moves in a different direction as the business starts to understand the marketplace. With a very proactive client, I look for this one to grow over time.


“Even though John is based in London and we are based in Leeds, when we work it feels like he’s in the next room. So happy with John’s input and effort in helping us build our brand, his wife even came up with our name AllShapeUp during one of our initial phone calls back when we started.”

James Hesling, Founder
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