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Project Description

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Finance Company Website

ABC Finance in Birmingham approached me to design and build a new company website for them (the previous site was built in-house and they wanted to push their online presence to the next level). The project began in the usual way, utilising Design Crowd for a new logo design, and the website showcasing the different financial services on offer (approx. 20 pages in total). But just as we finished the initial build, the client started to envisage something much bigger. They wanted to increase lead generation through online search (basically doing well on Google), so a plan was put in place to grow the website over time into a leading financial information hub, spanning hundreds of designed pages with numerous specialist tools (including calculators, animated videos and dozens of interactive forms). The project is still ongoing with an external PR agency also being utilised for national press, visual articles and advanced linking campaigns.


“We’ve worked very closely with John over the last 18 months to build our website, which is turning into a 200-300 page monster of a platform for our company. He makes a huge effort out of hours and at weekends to make changes during our quiet times.”

Gary Hemming, Family Management Team
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